Can I use your yarn on a knitting machine?

Absolutely! The Nm 2 / 28 and 2 / 30 titration yarns are knit with 2-3 strands, while the Nm 3000 titration yarns are knit with 1 single strand.

Can you use your yarn on a loom?

Absolutely! All threads are suitable for the weft, and most are strong enough for the warp (see thread descriptions).

Where is your store?

Le Fil a Lili is an online business only.

Can i come by to see the yarns?

Our production workshop is located in Montreal. Contact us by email or phone if you would like to make an appointment to visit us.

Can I have a sample before ordering?

Yes, and it's free!

1. Go to our pagesamples.
2. select the thread that interests you
3. add it to your cart.

Repeat for each thread that interests you. If you wish to receive a particular color, add a note to the basket. Then complete the transaction as usual, indicating your name, address, etc. We will send you selected strands of mail by mail. You make sure that the thread matches what you are looking for.

What does Nm 3000 mean?

The Nm 3000 titration means that there are 3 meters of yarn in one gram.

What does Nm 2 / 28 mean?

The 2 / 28 titration means that this thread is composed of 2 twisted strands and that one gram of this thread measures 28 meters in length.